Friday, October 10, 2014

A Life Change

It's coming and there is no stopping it. A life change. It takes my breath away, opens my eyes to reality, and causes me to go a little slower. What is it? It comes in the form of a tiny person. He will be here soon.
I've never met him before, but we've spent his entire lifetime in constant contact. We've never been apart, but I've  not yet seen his face in front of me or heard what his voice sounds like. I've not been able to look into his eyes and see his small soul. He is my little miracle, my tiny mission, my challenge and my wonder. He is already my baby, but soon I will know my son. 
It's scary and overwhelming, the thought of this life having been entrusted to me. I want to do my very best by him. I certainly will try. After all, he is mine. 

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