Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Inexplicable

Sadness. It is not a widely liked emotion, but it is one that each one of us feels at least once in our lives. No matter who we are, where we live on this beautiful earth or what station of life we are at, we are all affected. All of us feel it and all of us have the capacity to understand.
Yet, sadness is something so many of us don't understand when we see it in others. How many of us feel uncomfortable and awkward around someone who feels sad? And why is that? Are we so unable to relate to a universal emotion? What will happen if we did respond? Are we scared we might catch it?
It isn't hard to smile kindly at someone. Nor is it difficult to empathize, but so many of us forget how. In the moment, we freeze, we block out emotions, we ignore it, we say stupid things, we run away.
Our response as human beings is inexplicable when we all, every single one of us, can relate. I, for one, am going to try my best to be kind, empathic and real. I do not want to respond inexplicably. I want to be real.

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