Monday, June 16, 2014


So I finally figured out how to blog from my phone, hence the long space in time between posts this last year or so! Due to internet connectivity issues, lack of access and a crazy time of life changes, I was not able to post as often as I would have liked. Honestly, writing is therapeutic for me and not having it as a constant seemed to have de-wire me for a bit. But, I am back and all of that is just water under the bridge.
Over the past year I have had the opportunity to grow, to change and to learn to love through thick and thin. I am blessed to be married to my beloved Englishman. I am positively changed by his love for me and I am learning more about myself than I have ever done before. Even though I might not like all that I see, I am learning to roll with the punches and make the necessary changes, no matter how hard.
I am learning to be me, continually.

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