Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Moments Gone By

Sometimes it’s hard to get someone off your mind. it might be positive or negative. It might be some jerk who cut you off on the way to work one morning or it might be the guy at the check out who gave you 15% off just for being a “good customer”. For some, it might be a loved one who is no longer, or the one whom you long for.

I’ve heard it said that “Time heals all wounds.” Personally, I think time isn’t the healer, but that it takes time to heal. But there are points where time going by causes so much more wounding than one could possibly think it could. Of course, it isn’t the fault of time. It has to move forward, no matter the circumstance.

I’ve had both situations affect my daily life lately. Things haven’t exactly gone as I had hoped. I’ve had someone on my mind for so long that I cannot seem to go a moment without thinking of them. I think of someone hoped for, someone longed for. Time has not “healed” me, but instead caused prolonged sadness and a greater longing.

I wonder if time will be on my side soon. I wonder if my time spent thinking of someone can turn into time spent with them instead. Time is most valuable. I wish I wouldn’t have to waste it.

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