Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Mini Art Show

It was a bad day filled with disappointment, frustration, and awkward conversations. I badly needed a massage as the tension in my shoulders and neck was pulsating pain up into a knotty headache that just wouldn’t recede. I silently moaned as I was blankly faced with an evening most likely filled with more frustration. I sighed and spiritlessly tried to find something to bring a bit of brightness to my day.

I drearily rummaged through my overflowing “random beauty supplies” drawer and came upon a treasure, my nail varnish bag bulging at the seams. I hadn’t seen it for a while and it was looking rather lonely. I decided there and then, this was my solvent.

I unzipped it and out tumbled colours I had forgotten I even owned. Hot pink, sparkling blue, silver shimmer, lipstick red, and tahiti teal. They were happy colours, not my usual navy blues and neutrals. This was just the splash of relief that I needed. A simple reminder to focus on the positive things.

I splashed on some tahiti teal and sighed happily to myself. I hastily shined it to a high gloss with some overcoat, sat back and admired the little bursts of joy on the tips of my toes. It wasn’t my usual dreary, go with anything, sort of nail varnish. It was bright and blissful. Perfect for an unhappy and overcast sort of day.

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