Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh what a girl will do!

Little E, the baby in the house, who is rather old to be called a baby going on two and all, has a new baby-doll. She’s inherited her from her Grandma Mo, who first laid eyes on her at age 5.

The baby-doll’s name is Cathy, but little E simply calls her “Big Baby.” Reason being? Cathy is as big as, if not bigger than, Little E. Little E cares for her as though she were her own and decidedly tells everyone she’s “Big Baby’s Momma.”

Tonight she took Big Baby over to Aunt Jule’s house for dinner. The agreement was that Little E could take Big Baby if she promised to carry her in and out from the house to the car. So, the promise was thoughtfully, but very swiftly made.

Off went Big Baby and Little E to Aunt Jule’s for dinner. Big Baby sat quietly on the kitchen floor next to Little E as she ate her dinner with all the other kids. Big Baby was carried up and down the stairways (with some help from the bigger kids), around the playroom, across the living room and into the hallways. At one point in the evening a crash and a bang was heard in the stairwell. Little E began to cry and those around thought Little E had fallen down the stairwell. But Little E’s tears were not from pain of her own, but for the pain of Big Baby as she bounced and rolled down the stairwell.

Little E was faithful to her promise to carry Big Baby in and out of the house. She did especially well considering the wind tonight is strong enough to easily blow Little E away without the added imbalance that Big Baby creates. And you know what, Little E did it all with the biggest smile a little girl could have. All for the love of a doll, who is now cozied up beside our faithful, tender-hearted and valiant Little E in bed, warm and safe. Good job Little E!

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