Monday, January 9, 2012


I hate it. I especially hate it when it happens with someone I love. The people that are close to me are the people I want to see happy the most. I want peace and harmony as much as possible. Conflict stresses me out so I tend to shy away from it.

Ironically, I love to debate. Although inwardly I only can when I know that I’m not emotionally or socially injuring the opponent, or so I perceive. Yet, in some strange way, in my mind, a debate is not conflict.

Everyone in this world must encounter conflict at one point or another, this I know. Most people encounter it daily. I have not escaped it either, but I still hate it. They teach courses in university about conflict management and students in elementary school are now learning it because it is so important to know.

It’s been told to me that conflict is important for growth. It is important for the health of the individuals and the working out of problems. I agree wholeheartedly. I just wish I didn’t dislike it so much.

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