Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whatever…Sort Of

Here I sit at the table, ready to write. A small and curly haired blonde girl perches on my lap, happily playing with the mouse as I type. Her chattering and intermittent singing of the “Hokey-Hokey” makes me chuckle.

I’ve been wondering what to write lately. I’ve thought about posting many many times over the past several days. Each time I open a “new post” I sit and watch the cursor blink until my eyes go watery from staring so long. Nothing seems appropriate, that or it’s just not post worthy. So, we’re left with the only thing staring me in the face. That would be the odd weather. Sorry folks.

All I can think about is the snow and the lack thereof. It’s been an odd year here and the weather has been unusually warm, making for an Octoberish sort of December. Christmas came and went with no snow to make it festive. No snow banks, no snowmen, no snowball fights or snow down my back (Yes, I’m missing that. Oddly enough.).

This leads me to wonder what New Years will hold. Maybe it will actually be warm enough to go and watch fireworks! Come on warm weather!!! Plans depend on it :)

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