Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roll Out the Re-learn

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving. It doesn’t feel like it. The warm thankfulness of the day just hasn’t crept up into me yet. You know, that “feeling” where you’re just thankful for every moving (and immovable) thing around you. I really admire that feeling, but it doesn’t seem to be here yet.

I wonder where it went?

I look around me and so much of the focus isn’t on the thankfulness of the day. It’s all about the food, the football, and the Friday after. How many deals we can get and who wins the game seem to be more important than family and the important things in life. When and why did we get so off kilter and focused on the stuff?!

It strikes me that I’ve been waiting for this “thankful feeling” to hit me. I’ve been focusing on so many of my circumstances and pieces of my life that I can’t control, that I’ve lost one of the very important lessons that I learnt last year.

I have forgotten to be thankful, particularly for the little things. The things like a cozy hoodie to keep the edge of the chill off, or a hug ‘just because’. I’ve forgotten to be thankful for the people that I have in my day to day life, instead of pining away for the people that aren’t here.

Maybe it’s time for this Random Girl to go back to the thankfulness drawing board. Especially as it is Thanksgiving and all.

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Rajnish said...

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful thing. It is great feeling and I feel it should be not be virtual...