Friday, November 4, 2011

How Did I End Up Here?

I am so blessed! Today was a day just filled with extravagance. This incredible place is where I had afternoon tea today. I felt as though I were in a dream as I walked around this beautiful hotel. I’ve never been anywhere quite so upscale before and this took my breath away!

Walking up and down the halls filled with jewels, where one necklace alone was worth more than my entire house, made me stop in wonder and awe. I would love to go back and just walk very very slowly through the halls and lobby just to take it all in.

It makes me think about those that live every day like this and can afford to have those beautiful things hanging around their necks, off their ears, and on their wrists and fingers. I wonder what it’s like and how they view the world. I think I would like to talk to one of them just to hear their thoughts about it.

This was not in the plans. I had no idea we were going there until we arrived out front and let me tell you I was flabbergasted! I totally did not expect these kinds of things on this trip or at all really. This really spurred me on to dreaming bigger than I have ever dreamt. I think my dreams are going to be about this for quite a while :)

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