Sunday, August 28, 2011

I think I’ll call him Martin…

Yesterday we had an unexpected visitor come to the house. He arrived around 3pm and stood expectantly at the front door. He called in through the screen door and eagerly awaited a reply to his calls. He was a stranger to those dwelling in the house, but he seemed to feel otherwise towards us. He was convinced that he belonged, though we had never seen him before in our lives. He stayed quite a while and did not relent his calls through the door, though we tried convincing him to leave many a time, to no avail.

Our visitor was a small striped tabby cat who had piercing emerald green eyes and a tiny pinkish nose. He had four little paws and a slim tail that swept effortlessly back and forth. His calls were high pitched and his purrs were low and rumbling. He was not admitted entry into the house as my father is not particularly fond of this sort of creature, but was given some milk as the day was quite warm and he was quite young looking.

He stayed lounging on the back porch for several hours as we contemplated what exactly we were going to do. We did not come to a conclusion before we had to leave for our evening obligations. Whilst we were away he decided to visit someone else’s homestead and did not return to visit us again. I wish him well on his journey and hope he finds his way home relatively soon.


Sandy said...

I was so sure that I would read at the end of your post that you indeed had a new member to the family. Because we all know that once you feed them their yours. I've been enjoying reading your posts lately, I better start leaving more comments. Ive been bad about that. Be kind to yourself.

A Random Something said...

Yeah, I thought we might have given him the wrong message by feeding him, but he eventually moved on.
I'm happy to hear that you've been enjoying my posts. It's really encouraging to read these kinds of comments. Thank you :)