Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some Qualities of Life

Inspiration. It seems to come and go when it pleases these days. There is nothing to entice it to stay for a certain amount of time, it just seems to have a restless soul and a mind of its own.

Lately it likes to get up in leave in the middle of a thought. It particularly likes to do so whilst I’m in the middle of a blog post. I cannot retain it for long. It likens itself to a handful of water, the tighter you squeeze the more it rushes to the cracks and leaps out. The harder I try to be inspired, the harder it is to become such.

It’s sibling Imagination and cousin Day-dream like to visit me at the most inconvenient of times, like in the middle of a very important yet dry and boring meeting. They seem to whisk my thoughts away as if they were leaves rushing and tumbling along the dry ground on a windy fall day. To catch them again hours later is like trying to find one particular sardine in an entire school of identicals.

Boredom visits more frequently and has decided to plop himself down right in the middle of my being. Along with him he brings Impatience, an irritating friend. They sit together, unwelcome and unwilling to leave.

Challenge seems to be running ahead of me, far of in the distance of time. He’s stopped for a bit, but isn’t  taking his time in waiting for me to get there. I can barely see him anymore as he uneasily shifts from foot to foot, ready to run again.

But through it all, Trust has been there. She doesn’t hesitate to remind me that she’s there. She’s not shy at all. Although sometimes I do forget to use her as often as I should. Lately more and more so. But she brings along with her Faith and Hope, who are the loveliest of friends.

And Love. She is steady as a mountain and strong as an oak tree. Even when I doubt her and put her on a shelf, she never leaves on her own. She’s like that cat that always comes home….no matter how many times you give her away.

Sometimes I forget about the good things and complain about the bad more often than I should, but I always want to love, trust, and have faith and hope. Through the hardest of times or the easiest of times, I want to be known as someone with these qualities, even if the others escape me time and again.

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