Sunday, June 12, 2011

Only A While Longer

Tonight, as I was walking back home from the coffee shop down the road, I could not help but reminisce a bit about my year and a half here in the Northland. I realized that I would probably not walk that route again unless I visited and purposefully walked it “just for memory’s sake”.

As I crossed the bridge I felt the breeze whirl amidst my hair and press against my face as it rose up from the highway below. I watched for one last time as the plane descended directly above my head to the waiting runway lit up just in the distance. I enjoyed the sight of the airport and city lights sparkling and shining so clearly in the dusk. The softness of the summer air, which smelled familiarly of jet fuel and fresh bread, reminded me of former days.

This time in my life is so beautiful, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The smiles, laughter, and love of my friends makes each moment special and worth remembering for a lifetime. I will never forget these people. I will never forget this place. It has changed my whole world and most of all it has changed me.

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