Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Process

T-minus 4 days until I head back to the Northland. Sorry for the absence around here lately, I’ve been procrastinating packing and re-packing my wardrobe and whatever else got chucked into the bags, bins, and boxes that I didn’t have space to store came home with me on break.

I’ve been sorting, throwing away, storing, squishing, and stuffing my clothing and worldly belongings into manageable containers. I’ve succeeded in getting all my personal belongings to fit into 2 bins, a backpack, and a small suitcase. Perfect! Not really, because in hindsight, I now I don’t have anything to wear for the next 4 days. Crap.

I took a picture of this mess in progress, but then deleted it because it was too much stress to look at. I prayed for a minion assistance , griped verbally processed,  and begged asked my mother to do it for me keep me company whilst I packed. In the end, I had to get over my lazy attitude just get down to business. It’s mostly done. Now, I just have to suck up the 2 inches of dust and fuzz vacuum the floor and straighten the furniture due to high winds from the hurricane of junk that came through for it to look as presentable as my mother had it. Oh joy!

So, if you don’t see me around for the next few days, I’ll be in my room wasting away from a serious case of boredom cleaning and getting the last few things in order.

(p.s. you must excuse my new excitement with the strikethrough feature. I have just discovered this and may have overdone it, but then again, this is my blog and I’ll do as I please…mostly)

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caterpillar said...

rofl....well, at least we got to know what's really happening.....;)