Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day of St. Valentine

Today is a day for love, supposedly. I take the view that it is a day for those in love to express it to each other without ridicule or feeling incredibly awkward. In my mind, there is no pressure to give or have something done just because the day or the culture says you should. I think it is an opportunity to do something nice for the one you love, but not a requirement.

Explanation: I’m not one of those girls who expects the guy to do all the giving on Valentine’s Day. I am of the opinion that it takes two to fall in love and make a relationship work, so why shouldn’t the two of you be expressing your love to each other instead of just one of you. I may not understand the entirety of this holiday because I have yet to be in a serious relationship and I may be looking at this with a na├»ve perspective, but let me tell you…I am not apart of the lonely and lofty hearts club either. I’m hoping just to be real.

In my opinion, life is life. It is messy and disappointing and realistic. So grab it by the horns and make the best of it and let others do the same. We give our own selves plenty of room for disappointment and making mistakes, shouldn’t we let others do the same? Especially us girls on our guys. What kind of expectations are we putting them? Are they realistic or just pretentious? They cannot make us happy, we are responsible for what we let make us happy.

Tonite as I sit here, I am preaching to the choir. I read over this post and think about the unrealistic expectations I’ve put on people, not only for days like today, but every day. I have lived in a dream world and sometimes need to take my own advice and let life be life, messy, disappointing, and realistic. So tonite before I go to sleep, I’m going to grab the little bit that’s left of the day and make the best of it. Somehow.

What do you think?

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caterpillar said...

I think I agree with you....go on, have fun, make your day! :)