Friday, December 24, 2010

The Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! What am I doing online on Christmas Eve? I am waiting, waiting for my family to arrive. I am currently one out of five children who belong to this clan of ours that has arrived home. One. Lonely little me. Haha.

But I am SO excited for one of the others to arrive. She’s the eldest of us all. She and her little clan are arriving around 1am. They live 5 hours out of town and are driving in after their Christmas Eve service.

The second eldest is arriving tomorrow morning after she and her tiny clan open presents at home. They like to slowly dip into the madness of us :)

The other 2 are a might busy tonight. The little brother is in China and cannot fly home. Usually, we are the two who keep each other entertained until the others arrive. Sadly, this year it’s just me. Christmas just won’t be the same without my best mate. I miss you my man!

The other clan member? She’s home with her new bundle of joy! Hence why she’s busy. Haha. She had the beautiful girl yesterday afternoon. Her name is Hope Semaiah (sem-i-ah) and she came at a healthy weight of 7 pounds 13 ounces. I don’t have any pictures to post yet, as I haven’t had the privilege of personally meeting her. This will be my most cherished Christmas present this year!

So, blogosphere, my lovely readers, I wish you a blessed and Happy Christmas. May you find this season full of love, true love. Not only love, but hope, joy, and peace.  May you find the true reason for this wonderful season of love :)


Starlight said...

I'm probably too late but I still wish you a Marry Christmas :)

A Random Something said...

Thank you very much :) Wishing the same to you and yours!!

caterpillar said...

Hey....Congratulations on the new baby girl....I hope you had a good Christmas...