Friday, November 5, 2010


I was sitting in my small group yesterday and the question was put to us, What or who inspires you?, and you know, I couldn't think of just one single person or thing that inspires me! Not that I'm not inspired by people or things, but I'm just not one of those people who are inspired by a singular thing.
I'm a multi-faceted sort of person who is inspired by new things what seems like every other weekend. Two weekends ago I was inspired by a guy and his wife in Argentina. The weekend before that I was inspired by my brother, altho that's pretty much continual admiration. He is my hero. I seem to skip from thing to thing and get my inspiration from all over.
I'm always thinking about a quote I read or a lyric in a song I heard. Even the song itself inspires me. Tonite, I went to a class, taught by a friend of mine, about sound. He spoke about how music doesn't inspire him, but the sound does. He spoke with such conviction about it that I was inspired. I don't just want to be a decent musician or a "good" musician who is all about the music or just fame and all that crap. I want to be someone who brings a new sound. Not the same old same old we're used to hearing. I want to bring something different. I want the sounds I play and the way it's presented to move people. I want them to be touched and changed, not by music, not by me, but by sound.
Why should we settle for sub-par when there is so much more!?! There is a whole new level of this that I haven't even explained. To be honest, I haven't quite wrapped my head about this subject yet. I still want to learn more. I want to hear more. I want to be inspired more. I want sound, not just music.
I hope to all goodness that I'm making sense. Sometimes my head and my thoughts just run faster than my fingers and that analyzing part of my brain can go, but you know I'm going to stop apologizing to people and myself about it. If you don't understand, than lets thrash it out. Debate. Talk. Discuss. Together :)
Are you inspired by anything? Please, I would love to hear about it.

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Mel said...

I'm inspired by normal people who live their lives completely sold out for Jesus and believe that He really can do what He says He can.