Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Christmas Post on Thanksgiving Day…

On Monday evening we here at the school had a Christmas social. I know what you’re thinking, “What? A Christmas social? This early?!!?”  Trust me, I’m thinking the same thing. But here up North everyone is getting ready for the holiday season already. Canadian Thanksgiving was back in October, so everyone has been gearing up for this season for a while now.

It was loads of fun, even though I’m not really a “Christmas spirit” sort of person. Everyone dressed up in “Bad Jumpers” or “Ugly Sweaters”, depending on where you’re from.  I don’t have a lot of photos from the actual event, but I do have a couple of randoms that I thought you might enjoy.


This on is from one of the first adventures of the evening. Myself and my friend Bogo got assigned to popcorn duty. The school has a popcorn popper. Neither I, nor Bogo have ever actually used a popcorn popper to make popcorn. It was quite the adventure really.

First of all, the moment we turned on the machine, it smoked us out. We had to pop our first batch outside in the rain. I know I know, electrical item outside in the rain, call us crazy, but we were desperate! We did eventually figure out how to pop the corn with the least amount of smoke. Then, due to our ultra enthusiasm, we decided to see just how creative we could get and decided to dye our popcorn.  This is just about our 50th attempt to get it red rather than pink or speckled.


And this is the final result. We gave up trying to dye all the popcorn about 45 minutes into it and just went with the white. Overall I think it looks very classy on the tree, although I don’t think I’ll do it again.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day I just want to wish all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. And for all the rest of us, a happy holiday season.

(All photo credit to Adam Ryan)


Adam Ryan said...

I didn't realize how hard making that popcorn was going to be and reading it in your post reminds me how hard and how fun it was.
It looks great on the tree though (well if you like that kind of thing)
But Laura great post! I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I find myself checking your blog all the time waiting for your next one to come out.

caterpillar said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog...I didnt know making pop corn chains were difficult...have never tried making...but it looks nice on the tree...

A Random Something said...

Thanks guys! Theoretically, making popcorn chains aren't supposed to be that hard. But when you decide to dye the popcorn it's a whole new world! Especially when you're not experienced. Haha. Thanks for the comments :)