Thursday, November 18, 2010

Astounding Simplicity

1. The afternoon office Starbucks run!! There's a b.o.g.o. from 2-5 @ Starbucks and what time is coffee time? Conveniently, it's at 3pm around here. :) 11 coffees, 1 tea for $16!!!!

2. Today, one of my co-workers wrote on the office board "Be ridiculous and it all works out!" We really like to take this one to heart and today it shone through with staggering vigor. I love these people!

3. A quick conversation with one of the students made me realize how people have so many different sides to them. This one in particular showed me a wee bit of his gentle and caring side today. It was a very brief conversation, but that little bit of trust sent a ray of sunshine into my busy day. It made me realize why I'm doing this.

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Adam Ryan said...

there was a bogo eh bobo haha

Great post Laura!