Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Excitement of the Moment

I am still in Amsterdam. This little nugget of information makes me exceedingly happy. Unfortunately, I still do not have any photos for you. Sorry! I know that they make posts that much more interesting. Instead, while I wait around for a washing machine to open up, as I am in desperate need of clean clothing, I'll tell you about my day. I sang this morning. Good, yes. But I forgot to warm up for long enough and it was a little bit of a lack luster job, but whatever, I was backup. Then this afternoon Team Holland came home from South Africa. They celebrated their homecoming by doing a canal tour through the city. Even though they didn't get the results that they wanted, the city turned out for this momentous occasion. I was able to watch. Sadly, they didn't turn down our little cove, but I still saw the team (And the 6 police boats, 2 "guide" boats, and countless amounts of supporters zooming alongside them).
I first watched them out of the 3rd story window at our residence, then in desperation (also because I thought they had turned around, which in reality was just them making circles at the intersection) ran down to the canal-side. I completely forgot my shoes and only realized this when I went to cross the street. But the streets are so clean here that it didn't really matter anyways. It was a great experience. My friend did get some photos, but has not uploaded them yet. In fact, none of my friends have uploaded any photos other than the first few days. But those are just of us jet-lagged out of our minds. :)
We did get to do a little bit of tourism on our day off. A few of us took the train out to Harlem and saw the Corrie Ten Boom House. It was amazing listening to their stories and seeing where they lived and hid the Jews during the war. I'd read the book "The Hiding Place" when I was in school, so to actually see what I had only read about was spectacular! If you ever come to Amsterdam, that is a MUST see!!
I can't really think of much else to post. The washers are both on the last rinse cycle anyhow. If only they would hurry up though! I want to get my laundry done by midnight! I guess I'll settle for 9:30.

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Mel said...

I had a "little Dutch moment" the other day. I sat on the couch, ate salted licorice and cheered for the Dutch team. I love you lots. Praying for you and can't wait to see you when you get back.

And oh, that little word verification thing is getting a little long ... the word is elbarbea