Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me (early)!

I'm home for the weekend. It's crazy how much life changes while you're away. I came home and my father and brother had been hard at work outside. They've re-vamped the back yard planting, mulching, and grooming. They've planted some brightly coloured flowers and bushes all around the house. These are made to stand out with the addition of some extra dark brown mulch. Plus, the entire yard smells amazing, just like dirt and flowers and freshness. It's a smell that I really miss living in the city.
We're going to celebrate my birthday this weekend. It's not until later in the month, but I won't be home then so we're celebrating early! I get to go out to dinner, my choice of restaurant, and eat eat eat. We're going out to Thai food. I think I might just fast the rest of the day so that I can fully enjoy the fullness of the flavour. Yum. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
Anyhow. I'm off to enjoy my pre-birthday birthday weekend. I'll probably have something post-worthy by then. If not, it'll be great anyways. :)

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Minka said...

I wish you a good party! Eat to yout heart's content - all in good company! :D