Friday, April 16, 2010

Her beauty and her grace...

Yes, I am a graceful being. Weren't you aware? Well, if you weren't I have a perfect example of my astounding grace.

This week I was walking down the main street I live on, on my way to a restaurant. I was walking with a large group of about 16 girls. I, being so avidly aware of my surroundings, decided to make a goofy face at one of our small group leaders.

This brilliant idea came to me while in the middle of a crosswalk at a VERY busy intersection. Thankfully and unfortunately for me, all the cars at the intersection were stopped at a red light. I finally got her complete and unadulterated attention, our eyes locked, my face was poised, ready to spring into all it's glorious goofiness and BAM! I totally missed the fact that there was a median in the middle of this intersection and totally tripped over it. Not only did I trip, but I was flung forward and then in a desperate attempt to right myself, over compensated and snapped myself backwards, ever so gracefully. This resulted in a rough landing straight onto my bottom.

There I was, flat out, in the middle of an intersection. Every single car had stopped, all eyes had seen and one voice of wisdom rung out through all the action though only a moment or 7 (to be exact) too late. "You know, there's a step there." Smart-alec. I had a cup of hot cocoa to make up for it. But there, I had demonstrated, to my great satisfaction and many others amusement, the exact measure of gracefulness I have been given. So now you know, I am a graceful being.


Anna said...

hahahahahahaha...sounds like you LOU! Love you lots still:) Happy least hot choc makes it better!

Mel said...

heh heh heh
Not too far from there is a revolving glass door at the entrance to the mall ... watch out, I got a big goose egg there.

James said...

HAHAHA, remember that time with that post?