Monday, April 5, 2010

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed....Almost

Hey all, Happy Belated Easter!
Sorry I haven't posted for a bit and a half, things have been busy. This weekend was one of the schools conferences and as I am a student here it's part of my scholarly duties to lend a hand. I was assigned book store security, which I am awesome at if I do say so myself. It was a youth conference wherein about 2,000+ teenagers congregated. My job was to a) make sure no one stole anything, and b) make sure no one tried to sneak in the back door without paying to be there. I didn't find any thieves, but I did rustle up many a kid whom tried to sneak in. I also accidentally stopped one of the band managers and got on his case about not having a wrist band or badge until I found out who he was. Poor guy got hassled for nothin'. But don't worry, I apologized and he laughed it off. We're good. I hope.
Today, as it is a holiday, is our recovery day. Most of us students are just sleeping and catching up on work to be done. I am being a class A procrastinator and skyping, blogging, and facebooking. Definitely NOT doing my work that is due at 9am tomorrow morning.
I had band auditions last week. They went pretty well considering that I had a cold and could barely stand. Thankfully I had some amazing "judges" and they understood that I had a cold. They just wanted to know if I could carry a tune. I can. He fits quite well in my back left pocket. I even let him out once in a while to run around and get some fresh air.
Well, enough of the odd sense of humour. I went to Walmart today. Walmart is a college student's best friend, that and the dollar store where you can get food for cents. I had to get super glue because my prescription sun glasses broke in half and I do not have the mulah lyin' around to go get new ones. Prices for those things are outrageous! Plus, I'm in CANADA and do not have my eye doctor here as he would not fit in my back right pocket. Anywho, we're gonna see how well the glue holds up. Hopefully it shocks us all and holds the entire summer until I get home and can get new ones.
So for all of you who were sick with worry. I am indeed still alive and I am doing alright. Thank you for your concern, you may now sleep soundly knowing I am in fact alert and moving around up north. Gracias and farewell ('till next time)!


Roland D. Yeomans said...

When I super-glued my sunglasses, the fumes always stung my eyes. How about you?

I was just blog-surfing when I found your interesting blog. Enjoy the rest. Heal. If you have the time and the inclination, come check out my site : WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS

I use a bear cub of all things to talk about autonomy and childhood. Have a great week, Roland

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I meant to say in my earlier post that I was glad you found your textbook. And Gypsy, my cat, was sleeping on my left glove. She's a queen. She can do that sort of thing. Roland

Mel said...

I love you, Lou.
I'm so glad that you're good at security. I think it runs in the family, personally. (We can all stick hard to the rules and boss people ...)
Love you!