Monday, March 22, 2010

News Flash!

I am still alive. For those of you who were wondering ;)
Things have been going really well, but I am also incredibly busy with classes and the like. This weekend was a great one. On Saturday I had the opportunity to play human-sized foosball and totally loved it! We had a huge blow-up foosball court/table and it was SO AWESOME! Afterward, we took out the lines and just played soccer or football, as the Brits say.
Every Saturday night is movie night here and we watched 'Remember the Titans' and 'Narnia: LW&W' this time. It was quite enjoyable. I shared cookies and got chocolate in return. Yum! Afterward, we (and by we I mean everyone else) learned to salsa. As we had no room curfew that night, we danced until past 1am. Not too horrible for the insomniac. ;)
On Sunday I was presented with the pleasure of being able to see an AHL hockey game! I was absolutely psyched to go. We, "The Marlies", won in overtime. It was pretty cool because one of my friends here at school had a cousin on the team. It was nice to watch him win. :D
This week is going to be pretty intense. Classes went from 9am-5pm today. Usually we have 9am-12:30am and then 2pm-4pm classes. The dinner line was a little tight, but I still got mine! Today was a little more intense though, as the teachers for this week are only able to be here for 3 days. I'm just thrilled they were able to come at all!
I get to go home for a couple of days next weekend. I cannot wait to see my parents and my brother! Pumped to see my sister and brother-in-law and their kids. And everyone else who I could, but don't have time nor energy to mention. I can't wait to have veggies every meal and healthy food otherwise! (We don't get these things regularly. And by not regularly I mean scarcely at all) Anyways, I've gotta run. Life is moving FAST here and I have to keep up with it for the moment. Peace out!

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