Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Decisive Indecision

Tonite I went to see a movie with my brother and a friend. (So that I don't ruin it for anyone I have purposefully refrained from mentioning the name of said flick)
Now, I am one of those kinds of people who say they liked the movie as soon as they walk out of the theatre. I laugh about the same silly scene or say that one line that I can recall with great pleasure. I am also one of those people who take days to actually officially decide whether or not they liked the movie they have just seen.
This said, upon exiting the theatre I stated that it was a good movie and that I liked it. Upon reflection I have decided (but at this stage nothing is firmly decided) that it was a predictable sort of movie. I figured out the end before it was completely begun. Not to say that everyone else would figure it out because, when asked about the happenings, most of the group whom with we were discussing the movie hadn't seen it coming and were then relatively shocked at its conclusion. I have determined that this movie is not in my top 10 favourite films. That is the only verdict that is concrete at this point in the decision making process.
So, what kind of movie decision makers are you?

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