Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Wistful Sort

Today is a quiet sort of day. I haven't left the house, which is kind of sad, but I am okay with that. I woke up at a leisurely hour and chatted with my mother, father, and brother. I've had good news and bad news. Together they balanced each other out.

So now the house is very quiet. The only sounds are of Dad breathing heavily as he takes his nap, Mom occasionally rocking in her chair, the fish tank as its bubbles float to the top, and of course my sporadic typing as the words travel from my brain, through my nervous system, into my fingers and onto this screen. It's pleasant.

The sun is slowly setting and out the window I can see it as it touches the still green grass and the brightens reddish glow of the leafless bushes. Serenity is the perfect word for today. Let's dare to hope that it stays that way, shall we?

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