Monday, September 21, 2009

No Big Deal

Today we got a nice soft carpet installed. It's amazing to walk on, or lay on, or drag your feet listlessly across, whatever your fancy. With the carpet installers gone Mom and I were left to admire it. We then realized that there was a forest of fuzzies growing up around the edges of the room. The lovely sort of stuff left behind from the cutting, trimming, and edging. So, we brought out the vacuum and commenced the deforestation. No big deal.

Not even half way through the room we noticed that the hose wasn't doing its job. It barely had suction, just a slight breeze. Of course we ignored it. I mean seriously, suction issues with your vacuum?! No big deal. We continued to edge the room with the hose, minimal suction happening.

Finally, I got to the last wall. Almost done. Well, no suction. I was going faster picking up this little section of fuzzy forest with my fingers. I stopped and looked into the hose. It was packed tight with a big wadd of fuzzies. Noticing my strange vacuum behavior Mom proceeded to take out the bin and empty it for the second time. We then commenced our first stage of disection. I looked in and down the hose, Mom looked up and in. It then became obvious we were going to have to "dig a little deeper." No big deal.

Mom said, "Blow" and I blew into the hose, ignoring the dust streaming out the bottom end. We had forgotten to put the bin back on. Ha! So we had dust everywhere. No big deal. I then asked Mom if the hose came off. "No" was the reply. We wiggled it. It came loose. It popped off. "Didn't know that," stated Mom. She then placed her end into the bin and I blew into my end. What I didn't notice, is that Mom had pulled the hose out of the bin and up to her face to see the clog. I ended up blowing dust all into my mother's face and hair. We giggled. No big deal.

After a few moments Mom came back with a single chop stick. We poked, prodded, wiggled, and blew. Mom "vibrated" the hose as though she was playing a tuba. "THWACK", out came the clog. She blew again, just in case. "FUMP", out came another ball of fuzzies. One more blow and the rest of the dust was cleared out of the hose, into and then out of the bin. We then proceeded to empty the bin, smack in back into place, jiggle the hose down into its previous position and continue our deforestation. No big deal.


Mel said...

Sounds like fun! Once Greg had to "unclog" our hose because I accidentally sucked up a tissue and it got stuck right in the middle of the hose. It was SO hard to get out. We had to unfasten a wire hanger and it just reached to the clog. We couldn't push it out, we had to pull it fluff by fluff with the hanger. It took us close to an hour just to get the 1 tissue out!

Lou said...

you had me laughing till i cried with this one! i FINALLY have had time to read your blog! yay!

Lou said...

you had me laughing out loud on this one lou! i finally have had time to read your blog. yay!! i love you! this is too too funny!!