Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thinking out loud

I've been listening to the beauty of a piano as a pianist plays his songs. I love it, no matter what the song. If you close your eyes you can feel the music as he plays. The ups and downs, forte, adagio, and espressivo of each piece are simplistic and complex all at once. The feeling is like no other.

No other instrument can replicate this sound or this beauty. No other instrument can strike this specific and unique feeling of wonder and expression as the musical piece is played. None. There is no rival. No instrument is as qualified and absolutely none is like it. Man has tried to replicate the sound of the piano with machines called keyboards. It does not come near a real piano. It cannot even begin to touch it. As a pianist I find it lack-lustre and dull. It cannot create the vibrations of the string as it is struck by the hammer, nor can it correctly interpret those sounds as does the bridge and soundboard on that such as a grand or upright piano.

Though it (the keyboard) can create hundreds of sounds, mix, and be "turned up" it cannot be a piano. It cannot bring that feeling. It is not a piano. It is not and will never be. A piano has a unique feeling to it. One I cannot begin to adequately describe. It has a weight to the keys, a softness, a majestic sound, and a clear yet muddled tone. The connection between the instrument and it's musician is one so incomparable that I cannot find the words to define or deliniate it. It is beautiful and I love it, this the piano.

That is what I think.

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