Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The dent is non-existent...got it?!

Tonight I find myself with no companions to speak of. Well, there's grandma, but she's watching television in her apartment and generally speaking if we're having a conversation, I do most of the talking. I don't feel like doing all that talking tonight or watching MASH or the news again.
I'm trying to think of something good to do. I'm completely bored with facebook, gmail, yahoo, msn, youtube and the likes. I've now been plopped down in the easy chair for about 45 min., feet up, and head back. Thing is, there is this pretty darn annoying cover on the chair and it makes me slide all over the place. So, because of this I keep jolting forward forcing me to push back. I've banged the freshly painted wall 2 or 3 times now. Shh. Don't tell Dad.
Add to that, we have had these annoying prank callers calling from Chicago all evening. They think they're being pretty funny calling and immediately slamming the phone down when I answer or saying "hello, hello, hello" over and over again until I finally hang up. They even left a message on the machine. For crying out loud! Get a life!
Who knows what I'll do tonight. I'm house bound and going a little stir crazy. Oh wait! I have a couple of books I could read! Yeah, that sounds nice. I think I'll do that. Anyways, thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

well since you didn't dad about the two brown lines across the lawn from the church to the house, I'll keep your secret too. lol