Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Weekend, In Short Bursts

  • Worked
  • Boss bought me lunch :)
  • Came home to see Anna, John, and Austin
  • Listened to "Where's the pasta?!"
  • Hung out with the family
  • Woke up, missed the parade
  • Cleaned house
  • Drank coffee...mmmm
  • Chilled with the rest of the family (excluding M & G and family)
  • Shawn & Amy arrived for the "traditional" 4th
  • Watched Jules cut the girls hair
  • Dropped Matt off at work
  • Drove home
  • Drove back to drop off Matt's water bottle
  • Drove to the park
  • Got my truck stuck in the mud
  • Dad tried to get it out, unsuccessfully
  • Dad, Vince, Shawn, and John try to get truck out
  • Vince gets wench and pulls truck out
  • Lady pulls into mud...almost gets stuck
  • Ate a quickie lunch/dinner
  • Went into the theme park and rode rides
  • Bolted out of the park to catch the fireworks
  • Got stuck in traffic and chatted a little with the traffic cop
  • Got home at 11:00 and didn't go to bed (why? i don't know. i am completely irrational)
  • Woke up at 6 am
  • Got ready for church
  • Got to church to get ready for the Julia Marie Band
  • Opened church for band
  • Helped to "break down" the stage
  • Got band breakfast
  • Ran projector
  • Listened to a rockin' sermon by Jamie
  • "Helped" the band break down ;)
  • Went home
  • Helped get lunch ready for the band
  • Fed the band and Jace (yay!)
  • Hung out with the band
  • Crashed on the couch when the JMB left for their show at Spot
  • Didn't sleep because seriously, who could with 3 adorable nephews in the house?!?
  • Went with Dad to pick up Matt from work
  • Continued on from there to pick up the girls in the band
  • Picked up the girls
  • Listened to some great stories, as told by Dad
Monday (yes, it counts as the weekend)
  • Woke up early for devotions, coffee, and to watch Grandma so Mom & Dad could both attend the meeting
  • Straightened a bit
  • Gave the girls breakfast, towels, etc.
  • The rest of the band arrived
  • Mom & Dad got back from the meeting
  • Left with the band to go tour Niagara Falls
  • Spent several bombin' hours just chilling with the JMB
  • Went out to lunch
  • Saw band off
The band was awesome, as was the 4th and the family. I love my life.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Sounds fun, and busy.

Wish we could have been there.
Saw a pitiful parade here.
Ate good banana cream pie.
Took a good nap.
Saw ho-hum fireworks.
Missed you.
Getting fatter by the day.