Monday, July 13, 2009

The Beach, The Beach, The Beach

I went to the beach yesterday. *shock* I know, I know. I'm not a big fan of the beach in general. All the people and their "stuff" hangin' out, the sand in your hair, the general unpleasantness. It's just not me.

But guess what?! I have decided that it really isn't the beach I don't like, it's more the atmosphere and the thoughts of what comes with the beach. I've decided that I would like the beach if you take out the "people and their 'stuff' hanging out." I think I might like it if it was a beach where there wasn't anyone but who came with me. Okay, I've decided that I don't like public beaches.

I would like the beach if it was my own private beach or one that I rented. Like when we were little we used to go camping and they had this tiny little private beach on the lake. I liked that. There wasn't anyone to bother us there. There were no people running into you or shaking their sandy blankets out all over your freshly applied layer of sun tan lotion. There weren't any people. It was just us and the lake with a little sand in between. Those are the kinds of beaches I enjoy.

Jim Wilcox's "Ke'e Beach"

Anyways, I went to the beach and collected a little bucket full of beach glass. Beach glass is such a beautiful thing. I got all colours, sizes, and designs. There were some with letters and words, others with strange grooves, others yet were smooth as ever, and still others had pictures (like a cluster of leaves). It was a nice walk along the beach looking for these little gems. I quite enjoyed it. The sun, the sand, the wind and the gentle lap of the waves was relaxing. Plus, the satisfaction of searching for, and finding, the little pieces of smooth glass was great. It made me feel 10 years old on a treasure hunt. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

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