Friday, June 26, 2009

Poem of An Earthen Pilgrim

I do not like growing up
It's like drinking from a bitter cup
And yet it tastes so sweet
Like licking ruby coloured sugar beets

My world is changing just like Moby
Even growing is my tiny fish Toby
I am rushing here and there
I am waiting almost everywhere

My brother he has got a job
I am left behind to sit and sob
I work all the morning long
And consider taking ping-pong

My oldest nephew has just turned four
He calls and tells me to explore
The little one is almost one
And already knows how to have fun

My sisters they live far away
I wish I could see them every day
My cat is non-existent
But don't worry, I'm not that persistent

Now my poem is almost through
I enjoyed it and so did you
So have a lovely afternoon
You might be lucky and spot a loon

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