Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me?? Chic? Umm...

Throughout my life I didn't much care about or even notice fashion. I didn't really have a style per say. I used to just wear whatever I had or was given to me. Now, not to say that I didn't put up a fuss when I didn't like something or it wasn't comfortable, believe me I did.
Now lately I have been taking more notice of what I like and what I don't. I find myself more aware of what I'm wearing. I'm still not a fashionista and I do not plan to become obsessed with what I wear. I simply want to look nice. Is that too much to ask?
Thing is, I like several different styles and would love to wear them all. Most of the styles I do tend to lean towards do not match whatsoever. I like earthy tones and have a lot of black. I seem to be most comfortable in black, greens, and brown. My styles don't always go together, each day is different, but I like that. I like change. I like being different. Most important in this whole style/fashion thing is that I like to look nice.

This is my latest fasion love...the scarf.

(Ignore the terrible facial expression, I wasn't expecting it to actually get above my chin.)
Not the most interesting post, but it's something that has been happening to me lately. And hey! it's my blog, I post what I want, even if it is kind of hum-drum or lame sometimes.

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