Saturday, January 10, 2009

Akk, to be interesting!

I admit it, my blog has been excessively boring lately. An absolute snooze-o-rama! What can I say? I'm on Christmas/New Years break, I should be having new posts about something amazing that happened every single day, right? Nope, I am utterly pathetic. My day consists of sleeping in, listening to/playing music, and typing out sermons for the slower typists of the household. Whoo hoo! My life rocks! Even my text messages are pathetic (that's for you fran!)...simply put most of them read, hey, sup? and the response is...nm u? For cryin' out loud! Do I not have anything better to talk about?! I know in my head I have SO many interesting subjects to explore, discuss, and defend. Yet, I find none of them when I go to write or speak. They seem to run away when asked to come forth. My thoughts are shy, my ideas hide, and my overall knowledge pathetically timid these days. What am I to do with me?! Hopefully this blog will get a little more interesting in a couple of days. I have friends coming and school starting and people to be watched and and and...yep that's it. I guess I'll hold on 'till I find something to post about.

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