Saturday, October 25, 2008

Midterms, Maps, and Mirages

Welcome to full swing midterms at Bryant & Stratton! Woot woot! Yep, it is that excellent time of the semester when everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off! (what a nasty saying..eww) Me? I am surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Okay, not to say that I love midterms, but they just haven't frazzled me. Too many other things going on to worry about a couple of stupid tests and papers.
The latest midterm I've endured is for my "internship class". Yes, I have a class all about my internship, which has been completed for exactly one week yesterday. It's the most boring and least helpful class I've got, but I must take it. No excuses. So, how would you take an examination about something where there is no curriculum, no books, and no one is doing the same thing? Simple, we write journals. HA! Isn't that exciting?! So I have a midterm about journals, which incidentally have nothing to do with my internship. Oh, what a wonderful course! Confused yet? I am.
Now, before every course you begin they give you a nice little thing called a syllabus, aka a map of the course. They're terribly boring and sufficiently bursting with technical terms. Oh boy! Now I don't know about what any of your syllabus' looked like, but ours look the same.....for every class. They pretty much contain the exact same information, so at the end of the first day you go home with 6 identical pieces of paper, plus any supplemental syllabus' the profs hand out.
On these lovely pieces of manic boredom, they state exactly the day when the midterm is going to be "handed in" or "given out". Some profs even highlight and bold those dates so you can quickly realize....these are not good dates to skip! And yet, people do! All the time! The odd thing is, these are the people who wonder why the heck they didn't pass the course! The even odder (is that even a word?) thing is that they come and ask me later completely confused as to why they did not pass. I mean, seriously "You passed, why didn't I?" To this I simply shrug and say with the most diplomatic and resolute face....I don't know. Because if I let on as to how I was really feeling...they would be quite offended and sour at me. Not the most pleasant of situations. That is the lovely mirage they live in! The one where they see themselves as passing a course in which they never show up...especially to that emboldened and highlighted date. I wonder, how do people survive being so terribly and truly clueless?

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